Glamping With The GSI Outdoor Mini Espresso Maker

Whether you’re a veteran camper or still on the fence about it, make your next camping experience more glamorous with the GSI Mini Outdoor Espresso Maker.  You’ll feel like an authentic barista in just 90 seconds!

To some, glamp might sound like a wrestling move or a bad health situation.  However, to glamp is what makes camp bearable for some; it’s glamourous camping, and nothing to be feared.  Some of us love camping, but can’t stand to sacrifice the luxury of our perfect daily espresso.  Worry no longer, because GSI Outdoors brings us the 1 Cup Aluminum Mini Espresso maker so no barista sacrifices must be made when you’re roughing it in the wild.  It’s perfect for the outdoors when you still need the perks of the indoors.


The mini stovetop espresso maker brews one double shot of espresso in 90 seconds while your cup rests atop a shelf for instant gratification.  It is made from lightweight aluminum for quick heating and easy clean up. 

Get your glamp-approved espresso maker for $19.95 from GSI before your next camping trip!