Top 6 Apps: Organizing

Think of how much more you will be able to get accomplished now that you are streamlined.


1. 2Do: Tasks Done in Style

This is my absolute favorite “To Do” app. I use it to keep all of my work lists organized. 2Do was designed for both the iPhone and iPad and it looks terrific on both. It has a fantastic user interface that looks smart and just plain works. I’m able to create folders, checklists and more. I can see my tasks on a calendar and even share them with my husband. I sync my 2Do lists up with my ToodleDo account (free) so I’ve always got my most current To Do list with me. The app also allows for syncing with Mac, MobileMe and Outlook. This is one of the pricier “To Do” apps but for me it’s been money well spent.

2. Intuition: Mom’s Personal Assistant

Intuition is a free organizational app that’s been designed by moms. The app recognizes that our tasks won’t always work with a one size fits all to do list. They’ve created a way for you to stay organized in several different ways. You have a calendar that can be synced to your iPhone, Google or iCal calendar. Or sort your tasks into categories. My favorite organization option was their location option.  This allows users to arrange tasks by the location they perform them at. What a way to streamline errands! Did I mention this app is free?

3. Cozi Family Organizer is a website with the tag line “Family Life. Simplified.” They allow you to create a free web account that comes with a calendar, organizational list capabilities and a journal. It’s an efficient and well organized website. Cozi Family Organizer and Cozi Family Organizer Premium are the apps that accompany the website. The original organizer is free and allows you to manage the basics of your web account while on the go. The premium version will come at a higher cost but has more bells and whistles.

4. Paperless Lists + Checklists

Paperless is a simple, efficient and graceful organization app. I know graceful is a strange adjective to use but it sums up Paperless for me. You can use Paperless for anything that might need a list. The app doesn’t focus on due dates and priority levels, instead it focuses on the tasks at hand. For a taste of what Paperless is all about you can try the “Lite” version for free.

5. ToDo Together

Dowload ToDo Together (free!), sign up for an account (free!) and invite your friends, family and co-workers to do the same. Link up together and you can begin sharing tasks, lists and events. It’s a nice way to spread out tasks and make sure everyone is on the same page.

6. Awesome Note (+To Do)

Awesome Note (+To Do) lets you create To Do lists and take notes – in one app. Hooray! My favorite part of this app is the customization. There are so many different looks you can choose for your lists and notes. You can add in images, create folders, change your fonts, and more. This is a powerful alternative to the standard iPhone Note app. Awesome Note (+To Do) comes in a full and “Lite” version.




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