Play Kitchens

If you are looking for some inspiration to build your child a play kitchen look no further. Just a few key items can make a play kitchen just as fun as the real thing!

  1. Grocery market bag felt play food set from Bug Biteís Play Food shop on Etsy
  2. Tri-colored bowtie pasta felt food from BeckyM’s shop on Etsy
  3. Ikea’s play kitchen from Ohdeedoh
  4. Play kitchen from Kirsten Can
  5. Sewing basket kids apron from Anthropologie
  6. Teri’s play kitchen on Flickr

Putting together a unique play kitchen for your kids doesn’t have to be difficult. If you are handy, try building one from scratch using metal bowls as sinks, pipes as faucets and drawer knobs as stove top knobs. If complete DIY isn’t for you, then opt for a pre-made play kitchen like this one from Ikea and dress it up with some fabric and accessories. Play food is available virtually everywhere, but my favorites are the felt foods found on Etsy!