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6 Holiday Crafts To Keep Your Kid Engaged This Thanksgiving

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means kids will have a lot of free time in hand and often complain about “being bored”. Although you might be looking forward to late mornings and binge-watching the TV shows that you missed out on due to work, as parents, it is natural to be worried about how to keep your kids busy during this time of the year. Use these ideas to get their creative juices flowing, as these crafts are sure to keep them engaged this holiday season. 

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1. Bubble Painting 

Kids love to play with bubbles, so why not use them to your advantage? This holiday craft may be messy, but it will surely keep your little ones engaged for a long time. Simply take paper cups, add different colors (ideally, food colors) to the cups, follow it up with some soapy water and mix well. Now comes the fun part! Make bubbles with straw or bubble wands so they land on paper and there you go, your little Picasso’s art is ready for display. 

2. Cardboard Key Chains

Give your kids cardboard cut into a circle and ask them to use markers, paints, tape, glitters or anything they like to make a pretty keychain. Once done, make a hole in the cardboard, thread the rope through them, and use them as customized key chains. You can even use ice cream sticks or wood pieces for the same purpose and turn them into magnetic art pieces or coasters. 

3. Mug Painting

Give your old, boring cups and mugs a new life with this holiday craft. Give permission to your kids to go ham and showcase their art skills, asking them to make some unique designs that you can proudly display. Additionally, kids can browse through painted mugs online for inspiration.

4. Turn Story Into Art 

Every kid has a favorite story. Ask them to draw their version of their favorite hero and add items to make it unique. Furthermore, your kids can even take inspiration from the internet. If you want to spend some parent-child time, you can write a story for them and ask them to draw the illustrations with their imagination. If you see your kids enjoying this holiday craft, you can up the challenge by asking them to draw the main characters on rocks. You can either use them as paperweights or place them on your display shelf. 

5. Birdfeeders

You can easily make a birdfeeder either with orange peel or pinecone. Simply take a half-cut orange peel, fill it with the mixture of peanut butter, birdseed and popcorn, and hang it up with the help of a rope. You can even roll the pinecone in peanut butter and then in birdseed, before hanging it outside on the tree. Then ask your kids to draw or count the little birdies that stop by. 

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6. Flower Bouquet With Felt

A good flower bouquet can amp up even the darkest corner of your house, and you can make it into a fun little holiday craft for your little ones. Ask your kids to make one for you with felt sheets. Cut different colored felt sheets in various shapes and decorate them with glitter or buttons that you can paste on them using glue sticks. Put them in a flower vase or use them as bookmarks, either way, they will surely catch everyone’s attention. 

Aren’t these holiday crafts fun and engaging? Try these with your kids and let us know which ones they loved the most.

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