Reality Check: Your Child Needs More Mommy Time

But if your young one is begging, pleading, pulling or melting down your child may not just be misbehaving. He may be asking for more mommy time.

Here are five ways to give of your time, connect with your child and feel really great about it.


1. When you feed your child sit and talk with her instead of multi-tasking, those dishes can wait. Look in her eyes in a meaningful way and show that you can give her your undivided attention.

2. Take one child at a time grocery shopping and ask him to find items you are looking for.

3. Spend fifteen minutes playing a game with your child. In The Family Coach Method we have a list of over 30 activities you can do in 15 minutes with your children, meeting their desire to be with you. Read our list and make your own. Bonding with your child by being mindfully present in the moment enhances your child’s self-esteem.

4. Watch your kids sing or dance. In our home we actually offer our kids “Time in the Spotlight” when everyone in the family gathers and watches the child sing a song, do a dance or make up a story. I will never forget when my daughter was six year sold and she told my husband and I that after dinner she wanted to do a “rock show.”  After we excused her from the table she returned with a table and a bunch of rocks she had brought in from the garden. I had to stiffle a giggle cause I was expecting an electric guitar and Bon Jovi!

5. Schedule one date night per month and rotate your kids, so each of them gets a date with mommy or daddy. Even your tween wants to spend time with you, if you are too tired to go out, read in bed, write a song or tell stories about when they were young.

Meaningful moments give children a sense of security and trust. Mommy and Daddy time matter.

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