My Healthy Valentine, Date Ideas for the One You Love

I love to celebrate holidays and enjoy what makes them unique, but how do you celebrate Valentine’s day in a healthy way, when traditionally it is all about chocolates and indulgent dinners?

A great way to enjoy Valentine’s with a new twist is to focus on what is truly special about the day – your special someone!  Instead of spending money on chocolates, flowers, and dinners that won’t last (at least not anywhere but your hips!), spend some TIME with your loved one and create memories of a day that will last a lifetime.

Couples that Cook Together

Chances are your sweetie does not know how to do anything except grill.  And, if you are anything like me, cooking was something you grew up thinking you were supposed to know how to do, but were never really taught proper techniques.  Cooking classes are an opportunity to learn useful skills and have fun with your loved one.  Most cooking schools offer special romantic dinners for Valentine’s Day.  The price will include instruction as well as use of the facilities and all the ingredients.  Typically you will spend a couple hours learning and cooking, and then sit down to enjoy a full meal, including a dessert.  Most schools will also invite you to bring wine or your beverage of choice!  Prices average around $175-200 per couple.

Enjoy Some Down Time

Maybe the best way to spend time with your partner is to relax together.  Spoil yourselves at a spa!  Many spas offer couples massages and put together packages for Valentine’s Day.  It could be as simple as just receiving Swedish massages in the same room together, or an afternoon of indulgence, including a hot bath and champagne.  Check with your local spas to see what they are offering.  Prices average between $100-200 per person.

Let’s Get Physical

Let’s face it, you know you have been wanting to learn to salsa dance forever.  Well, now is the time!  Dance class is perfect for couples.  Look up your local South American eateries – sometimes you can find one that offers a dinner special followed by a dance lesson.  Perfect for a Valentine’s outing! 

If dance is not your thing (or you can’t convince your man!) think of other activities that will get you hot and sweaty.  Trapeze school?   Horseback riding?  In-line or ice skating? If you search you can find classes for just about everything.  You are bound to find something that perks both of your interests.  Just let your ego go and enjoy trying something new, and possibly being silly, with your sweetie.

Other quick & good-for-you ideas:

Bring Sexy Back – Go lingerie shopping together. You know guys want an excuse to check things out at Victoria’s Secret and this way you can pick out what really turns him on.  A healthy sex life is just that – healthy!

Amuse Yourself – Think back on some moments from your childhood and things that truly amused and amazed you.  Consider going on a balloon ride, a carriage ride, or even go-cart racing!  Release some pleasure-inducing chemicals into your body and brain by truly enjoying your day.

Enjoy Nature – Find a local arboretum or flower garden and pack a picnic lunch.  Go for a stroll, enjoy some wine and snacks together and take in the fresh air and nature.  Even better, for the more adventuresome, get online and find a local hiking route.  Put your boots and backpacks on and escape for the day!

With so many ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day, there is no reason to get your heart rate up for the WRONG reasons – expensive dinners and unhealthy foods.  Get that heart rate going for the RIGHT reasons – some healthy physical activity and proximity to your sweetheart!

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