Grab-and-Go Nutrient-Rich Snacks for Busy Moms

Attention all busy moms looking for quick, simply and healthy snack ideas for you and your family:

As a busy mom myself with a husband, home, 4 kids, 5 dogs and a full time business, I get it! I understand that there’s so much on your plate already and the thought of taking on even one more task may be just enough to create complete overwhelm. I also understand that you want to feed your family and yourself healthy, delicious real food but when you’re pressed for time, you often need to cut some corners. Some of us may drive to the drive thru or grab a bag or box of some nutrient void, high calorie/high sugar/highly processed food that leaves us overfed yet undernourished but as we all know, we pay a big price for those few extra moments we save. Is there a way busy moms can snack healthfully and encourage their family to do the same? Of course and I’ve made it really easy for you.


Here’s a list of my 10 favorite “go-to” snacks. These are all packed with vitamins, minerals, protein and nutrients that will keep you and your family fueled, nourished and energized. All you need to do is print out this list, leave it in your car and be sure to take it with you into the supermarket when you do your grocery shopping. Sound good? Check them out in the slideshow above.