#Twinning: Stylish Mum & Me Outfits

I’ve have been trained to live by the rule that “matchy matchy” isn’t a good look. I never have the same colour on my toenails and fingernails; there’s no way I’d rock up to a wedding with shoes and a bag in the same colour; I feel a pang of embarrassment if I ever look down and realise I’m accidentally dressed in the same colour as my husband.

I mean, think back to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake arriving at the American Music Awards in 2001, wearing all-denim outfits, and Posh & Becks in matching leather from top-to-toe at a Versace party in 1999. Not a good look. Even then, I remember rolling my eyes a bit at the twee nature of matching outfits.

But guess what? When it comes to mamas and their kiddos, it’s now considered acceptable—nay, cool—to match. Here are some of my favourite ways to channel my inner child. Check them out in the slideshow.

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