10 Amazingly Stylish Mums You Should Be Following on Instagram

The birth of and ever-growing need for social media has been a big game changer in the world of style and fashion for us women. Gone are the days of ripping out magazine pages or circling the perfectly put together outfits from the previous week’s junk mail drop (aka store catalogues) as our ‘what to wear’, ‘how to wear it’ and ‘where to shop’ guide. 

Nowadays, with a few strategically placed ‘follows’ and a daily scroll through our social media feeds, we have access to our own personal library of style icons and fashion inspiration.


Easy. Or is it?

Yes, it makes for beautiful viewing and a wealth of accessible inspiration, but only if you’re following and looking up to the right kind of fashionistas. And this is when it can get overwhelming or out of reach for us ‘everyday folk’.

I’m a busy working mother who spends my days at work or kid wrangling, sitting at a computer, cleaning the house, attending several school/work/daycare functions, grocery shopping or taxiing kids here, there and everywhere. This means the majority of my weekly wardrobe is not going to consist of stilettos, white silk or high-end designer brands. Therefore I make sure I’m selective with who I’m following on social media for the purpose of gaining style ideas and inspiration. To do this, I hone in on other mothers who may have a similar day-to-day life as me and I like to mix up my feed with icons who have similar fashion tastes to me and similar budgets to me. Add to all that a sprinkle of dream icons who have a wardrobe and budget way out my reach and I’ve got all the inspiration I need.

Do you use social media to collect or guide your upcoming fashion buys, your style direction or your outfit options? If so, I’m assuming you’re a visual person and you’re on Instagram. (If not, what are you waiting for? Get over there!)

Today I wanted to share with you my top ten stylish mums on Instagram, who I think you should be following too. These ladies will have all your fashion, beauty and style needs covered. From street style, to weekend wear, to stunning work options and everything else in between.


1. Kate Waterhouse: @katewaterhouse7

Powerhouse blogger and mum to a gorgeous little girl, Kate’s style is elegant, timeless and always feminine. 

 2. Marcia Leone: @notsomumsy

Marcia’s feed is a beautiful mix of the glamorous and the practical. She knows how to dress to suit her amazing lean body and has a fun and edgy summer style. 


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3. Bev: @irismaystyle

Bev is not only the editor and stylist over at Iris May Style, but she also works in the retail industry, therefore is always one step ahead of us in what’s trending and what’s in store. This gorgeous Queensland based mum manages to balance sophisticated, elegant pieces with ripped jeans and boho dresses – she’s a multi-style genius. 

4. Sally Obermeder: @sallyobermeder 

TV personality, author, content creator and green smoothie advocate; Sally is a busy mum on the go. Her work/media style is both edgy and sexy and her weekend wear is casual, comfortable and perfectly suited for Mum Life in Australia. 

5. Claire Collected: @clairecollected

If you need some fun and colour in your life, be sure to follow Claire Collected! Her whimsical, playful world is both inviting and intriguing. 


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6. Sonja Bouw: @mrsbouw

Sonja (aka Mrs Bouw) is someone I’m proud to call a friend, but she’s also an amazing mum to three little girls. Currently living in the USA, her style is always eye-catching yet practical. This lady can pull off a bold red lip at any time of the day while rocking skater shoes and floral. Sonja is a great example of a stay-at-home mum who has definitely reclaimed her style mojo.  

7. Christine Andrew: @hellofashionblog

Christine is a shoe obsessed American based mother to three and a blogger. Being on the other side of the world means her seasons differ from ours – which is great, because it gives us inspiration and ideas on what to wear in the near future as our seasons swap with hers. There is something addictive about this lady’s Instagram feed. It’s just awesome!

8. Jules Sebastian: @julessebastian

Married to singer Guy Sebastian and mother to two small boys, Jules is also a stylist to the stars and an online curator. She knows how to mix the affordable with the big brands, and encourages mums to build a wardrobe they love.  


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9. Jenni Eyles: @stylingcurvy 

Jenni’s children are now young adults and she’s on a mission to inspire, empower and inform other women how to live well and dress well – no matter their age or size. A cancer survivor and fashion lover – be sure to check out Jenni’s account. 


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10. Tash Sefton: @tashsefton

Yes, there’s a fair bit of Chanel thrown into her daily style, and that may be out of your my reach; but Tash’s style is inspiring and adaptable. She mixes glam with casual and has such a unique direction. I love this lady… 

Get onto it ladies. Let these amazingly stylish mums help guide your way.

Who’s your favourite Insta stylista mum?

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Top image: Marcia Leone via Instagram