basic accessories for mums

8 Basic Accessories Every Mum Should Own

When money is tight and I can’t afford to buy new clothes, but I really want something new, I buy accessories. A good accessory adds interest to a basic outfit and can make any look my own. I particularly love new accessories that can I add to existing outfits in my wardrobe to create new looks. 

basic accessories for mums

Over the years I have worked out what pieces are essential to own to make my outfit just that little bit more special. I tend to scout around all fashion stores for my accessories and will usually buy something that jumps out at me.

I believe every mum needs a stock of accessories to help get more wear out of simple outfits (I’m looking at you jeans and tees uniforms). These basic accessories can help mums look their best when out and about with the kids or without them on a date night or mums night out.

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basic accessories for mums

My top accessories list (check out some great examples in the slideshow at the top):

  1. Sunglasses that make you feel like a Kardashian. These are essential not only for protecting your eyes from the sun, but for covering the evidence of a bad night’s sleep. Choose sunglasses that have the Australian Standards endorsed sticker to ensure they are UV rated for sun protection and opt for sunglasses that you won’t mind getting scratched or stomped on by the kids. Take your time finding the right shape of sunglasses to suit your face. I’m drawn to sunglasses that have a large lens that covers my whole eye area and when I find a cheap pair that I like, I usually buy two pairs. One for in the car and the other in my handbag for when I’m out and about.
  2. Scarves that hide a multitude. Scarves have many uses, but by far my favourite is wearing one as an extra layer to add colour and interest to my outfit. I buy a new scarf each season depending on trends and what stands out to me when I go shopping. Leopard print and stripes are good pattern for mums as they can draw attention away from the tummy and can cover over stains left by kid fingers. Lighter fabric scarves are great trans-seasonal accessories as they can be layered all year round.
  3. A huge tote for all the kiddo things. A tote or larger hobo-style bag is perfect for the mum-on-the-go. A bigger handbag means you can carry all the things, without looking like you’re carrying a nappy bag. A nappy bag definitely has a time and place when you have a baby, but as your baby grows into a toddler you no longer need dozens of compartments. A simple nappy changing wallet with a nappy and wipes plus a spare pair of clothes and a snack are you all you need when you’re out and about with a toddler.
  4. A statement ring that adds some bling. I love a bit of bling on my fingers and a statement ring is the perfect accessory to add something flashy I’m out at night. I wear my statement ring when out with the kids too, but mainly when doing activities that don’t involve my hands or getting dirty, like going to the park or playing in the sand. Choose rounder shaped rings as opposed to angular to prevent scratching your child when you pick them up.
  5. A too-cool hat to keep the wrinkles at bay. Essential for sun coverage when going out to the park or hiding a bad hair day. A fedora always makes me feel stylish. Find a hat that you enjoy wearing, because if you don’t love it, you won’t wear it.
  6. A swingy necklace to add some colour. A pendant necklace that finishes near your tummy is an easy piece to wear without having to undo the clasp. I have a mix of long necklaces in beads, wood and chains. These can easily be layered and draped over a tee or simple dress.
  7. A fine chain that sits just-so. This one does have a clasp, but I love a fine necklace which works well with a V-neck top. Layer your long pendant necklace and fine necklace for a boho look. Finer necklaces are harder for little hands to play with and chew as well.
  8. Funky earrings to bring the cred. Stud earrings are necessary if you have young children who like to pull on things – you don’t want your earrings to be one of those things! There are some amazing stud earrings that look like cuffs. I think wearing something a little different in the earring department can help you feel less mumsy and more stylish.

These are my basic accessories which I believe every mum should have in abundance in her wardrobe. Having the basics covered means I know I can style up an outfit, taking bland to fab.

Watch Robyna May do exactly that:

Which basic accessories do you own from this list? Do you have anything to add to it?

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Image: Rebecca Seynard

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