Kira Kids For Super Cool Little Dudes

The simple designs allow parents to play off the shirt with accessories (can you say baby Fedora?) or go with a clean, sophisticated and trendy look. All pieces are made in the US and are printed with environmentally friendly water-based inks.

The yellow Punk Pineapple Tee ($27) is not only organic, it will make your little guy want a Mohawk, 80’s shades and maybe some yummy pineapple for snack. Stay cool, pineapple.

The Batman Tee ($27) is subtle, but gets its point across. NA NA NA NA NA NA… BATMAN! This eco blend tee is perfect for summer, lazy days in the Batcave and beyond.

The Retro Specs Tee ($27) is super simple and perfect for the little trendsetter in your life. This natural organic shirt with printed vintage specs at the collar looks amazing under a v-neck sweater or blazer.

How about some old school bicycle love with the Biketastic Tee ($27)? The stingray bike will remind parents everywhere of their youth while your little hipster roams the sidewalks.

You can’t forget about the Stache Tee ($27). The soft heather blend will keep your hairy dude cool and comfy.


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