Hank Player: Express Yourself

These 100 percent pima cotton tees are made using a special vintage processing to give them a “vintage washed” look. The comfy, warn-in appeal of these shirts mixed with the eye-catching, colorful and catchy designs, make these shirts a win for the whole family.


 My boys have fun using their style and tees to express their mood and personality, so I picked a few that best represent my kids – because I had the hardest time picking my favorites!

The Paparazzi Tee ($19) reminds me of my toddler. He loves being behind and in front of the camera and his nickname has become “Hollywood” because he’s such a little ham!

The I’m Gonna Change the World Tee ($24) is my 4-year-old. He is a perfect example of what this world is made of – hope, love, diversity, challenges, strength and kindness. He has changed my world and has made it better one by opening my eyes to new things. I have a feeling he’s going to change the world in so many ways…

This I Am the Future Tee ($20-24) reminds me of all three of my kids… All kids actually. Our kids are the future and what we show them through our actions and reactions will shape who they become.

This Blah Blah Blah Tee ($15-19) is so my 9-year-old. He’s quite the talker, has something to say about everything is a bright child. I love listening to him talk… After I’ve had my morning coffee.

I love this Big Brother Tee ($24)! It would have been perfect for my oldest about five years ago. Wouldn’t this shirt be adorable to announce a second pregnancy?


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