Easter Attire For Boys and Girls

Today’s children’s wear manufacturers obviously have similar dreams, as the casual/dressy collections that have come out for the spring and summer are a delightful range of pretty pastels, light fabrics, and adorable pieces for ladies and lads, from infancy to tween-hood. Mimicking the fashions of their grown-up counterparts, many of the popular pieces for the season mix the timeless with the trendy for one-of-a-kind ensembles.

If you’re looking to dress up your little ones for their annual egg hunts this year, here are a few darling trends in Easter attire for boys and girls.

Classic fits

Young men never look more handsome than they do when they are donning a full suit or even dress pants with a vest and matching tie. In traditional Gap fashion they are offering a variety of knit vests and sweaters to choose from. There are also beautiful little linen dresses for the girls – think soft mint green and yummy butter yellow with frills and delicate spaghetti straps or dainty cap sleeves. A small shawl and peep-toe shoes complete this sweet look.

Old Navy is boasting sophisticated Easter attire for boys and girls too – pale purple plaid collared dress shirts and sweeping white cotton sundresses are making this season’s kids look both playful and stylish.

Modern motifs

Prints are as bold and colourful as they are cute for Easter this year, with a melange of oversized floral and polka-dot patterns taking over the girl’s spring/summer collection from H&M. Sashes and bows add a touch of whimsy to their charming range of dresses. And the lads look oh-so-manly in their khaki fitted pants, golf shirts with graphic prints, and pinstriped ties, all in a variety of Easter hues, just like dad.

Accessories, accessories, accessories

It’s the embellishments that are added to Easter attire for boys and girls that really “up” these looks and take them to the next level of cuteness. Traditional bonnets have become modern white floppy hats for the ladies, while knitted waistcoats and boleros add layer and depth, even to baby outfits. And the gents are being decked out with mini blazers in neutral colours along with cool cardigans, a nod to men’s fashion trends of Easter’s past.

Easter attire for boys and girls doesn’t mean that you have to play things down and choose pieces that are understated – this holiday is all about brightly coloured eggs, vibrant blooms, sweet treats, and springtime fun, so let your child’s wardrobe reflect that carefree attitude.

Photo: H&M Easter attire

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