Roll Your Post-Pregnancy Body Back into Shape

My first introduction to a foam core roller came when I started running again after a significantly long hiatus away from it. Unfortunately, I was a little overzealous when I first started back and that resulted in a crippling injury that I thought might make me need to end what I had just restarted. Fortunately, a friend who had learned of my running injury, taught me how to use a foam roller to help keep my body healthy while training. I was skeptical at first, but much to my surprise, it totally helped me to recover from my injury and I was back up and running again in less than two weeks.

Later on I learned that foam rollers can be ideal tools for new moms who are working on staying in shape during their pregnancy and for helping them regain their pre-pregnancy shape, post delivery.

Why Foam Rollers Are the Perfect Fitness Accessory for New Moms

If you’ve recently had a baby, you probably already know how hard it can be to get your body back into shape. Even when your doctor finally gives you the go ahead to begin exercising again, it can be nearly impossible to find any time to workout when you have a new baby. That’s exactly what makes this foam roller program so perfect for new moms. It requires very little financial investment, it can be used almost anywhere and you’ll see results, even if you can only grab 15 minutes at a time to workout with it.

Choose a Roller and Get Started Immediately

If you’ve never used a foam roller before, you’ll be amazed how something so simple, can be used in so many different ways to help strengthen and reshape your body before, during and post-pregnancy.

Foam Roller


There are many different roller models for you to choose from, the most important part is for you to commit to using it at least 3 times a week for 15-30 minutes or in whatever time span you can manage. Different roller models range in price beginning with a simple Black High Density Foam Roller that costs only about $8 dollars, all the way up to a fancier Trigger Point Performance Grid Revolution model that retails for around $50. This orange colored Trigger Point model is one of my personal favorites because it includes an instructional DVD and is compactly sized so you can take it along with you if you’re traveling.

And if you really get hooked on working out with a roller and you want to ramp up your program, check out this Foam Roller Workout Book to help give you more exercise ideas for body strengthening and to keep you from getting bored with your routine.

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