101 Gifts for Men That He’ll Use Every Day of the Week

I like maintaining my rolling wish list of things I want or need, but would probably not buy for myself. It’s like shopping without spending any money, but with the hopes that a thing or two will end up in my possession at some point. Plus, anytime someone asks me what I want for this occasion or that, I know exactly what to tell them. For the holidays, it spares me from another pair of cuff links that I don’t need (I mean…I can’t think of the last formal occasion i went to that even called for cuff links, and yet I have several pairs—all gifts).

I especially love finding what my wife lovingly calls “dude stuff”—that is, things that she has no use for whatsoever, but that I use every day. If you’re on the hunt for some dude stuff too, here are my picks for your dad, brother, husband, or any man in your life that’s in need of gifts that he’ll not only love, but he’ll use every day.

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