8 Fabulous Pairs of Flats Every Mum Needs in Her Life This Spring

When I’m rushing around after our kids, picking up toys, navigating getting on a bus with a pushchair, or racing from the office to the nursery for pick-up time, the last thing I want to be wearing is heels. I have a whole tub of gorgeous heels under our spare bed—and they’ve been there for months, hardly worn. That’s just the reality of being a busy mum. But just because I need a practical pair of shoes, it doesn’t mean they can’t be gorgeous! I’m a huge believer in bringing an otherwise dull outfit bang up to date with an amazing pair of shoes. Just add any of these fabulous flats to skinny jeans and a striped Breton top, throw on a nice necklace, and you have yourself an outfit. Check out my favorite stylish picks in the slideshow above.

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