A Mini Moi Photo Shoot with Janette Crawford


I’m going to be totally honest. When I started hearing about “mini moi” shoots, I was wary. Very wary. Yes, I dress Alice the way I would love to dress if I had an unlimited Anthropologie budget, but the idea of the two of us in matching tutus is a way too scary to even envision. Boy, did the lovely Janette Crawford and her insanely adorable daughter, Vivian, prove me wrong. They both look age-appropriate and totally cool, and they match

Janette took time from her (very) busy schedule as Head of San Francisco Expansion at Homepolish, co-founder of the event series Lovemade, and founder of the family styling company Sun + Dotter to show us how it’s done. 

Click through to see all four adorable matching outfits and to find out how Janette’s balancing her three (three!) jobs.


Tell me about the inspiration behind your mini moi shoot! How did this all get started?

Ever since Viv was tiny, I have been coordinating our outfits—it’s not something I ever would have thought sounded cool, but I seriously can’t help myself!


What’s the key to keeping it classy when dressing the same as your kiddo?

Don’t wear anything you wouldn’t otherwise wear! And thusly, don’t dress your little one in anything you wouldn’t wear. This is a general filter I use when buying Viv’s clothes anyway.  



Does Viv pick out her own clothes? Or do you have a hand in the cuteness?

We took these photos at a time that she let me dress her, but now she insists on picking out her own outfits—and they’re very, very pink. Unless she’s wearing something that matches mine! Her white Chuck Taylors have been really fun, because we have many friends who have the same shoes. Matching is pretty much her only distraction from pink. 


What are a couple of your fave sites for mini moi shopping?

American Apparel is the best. And Zara almost always has kid versions of adult staples, like chambray shirts and trench coats. My friends The Podolls also use fabric left over from their women’s line to make gorgeous kids’ clothes.


You’re Head of San Francisco Expansion for Homepolish. Tell us a bit about how moms can use this innovative service.

Well, it’s an interior design startup, which is really shaking up the interior design industry. Basically, the luxury of a personal interior designer is now available to any budget, so if a mom needs help putting together a nursery or a play room, she can get as much or little design help as she needs.


You are involved in so many things right now. How are you staying sane?

Oh am I? Timestamp on completing this Q&A: 1:20 a.m.! I do a lot of work after Viv goes to bed, which isn’t ideal, but which can work for some seasons of life. Most important to me is to make Viv my number one anytime I’m with her. 



Thank you, Janette and Viv, for showing all of us moms how mini moi can be done! 

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