We Heart This Blogger: Jen Loves Kev’s Easy Style

When I first started reading Jen Loves Kev she was a newly married art teacher who blogged about her life a bit, but more often about food and, obviously, her outfits. Through the years, she’s moved, added two lovely daughters, simplified her style, and, most interestingly for her readers, really opened up parts of her life, speaking honestly about her ups and downs as a mom, their decision to become foster parents, and her commitment to healthy living. Her thoughtfulness about her life is one of the reasons I’ve continued visiting her blog through the years. 


Well, that and the evolution of her style. Personally, I feel like Jen settled into her style groove when she became a mom—she started favoring easy separates that mix and match well, and have a bit of an edge to them. Pieces that make me think, “Yes, I could skip the sweatpants for that…”

Next page: see a few of our favorite breezy stylish mama looks from Jen Loves Kev…