Kim Kardashian

The Celebrity Mom Dress Code: Who’s Doing it Right?

Model-Mama Miranda Kerr walks the streets of Paris in a barely there blouse. Reality star and new mom, Kim Kardashian attended the opera in a cleavage baring dress that could make Hugh Hefner blush. What’s next? Can we expect Jessica Simpson to Instagram a selfie while breastfeeding her new son Ace?

It seems like every time you open up a magazine, there’s a photo of some new celeb mom flaunting her post-baby bod and her post-baby boobs. Gone are the days when being a Mom meant cargo pants and a crudely cut bob. Now, it’s totally possible you’ll go to a kid’s birthday party and see a mom and her daughter wearing the same size shorts.

Let’s face it, there’s an unwritten, but implied, Mom Dress Code. And that Dress Code has one rule: Tone It Down, Ladies! Is it fair? Who knows? Does it apply to Celeb Moms? You decide.

Did these Celeb Moms show TOO MUCH? Or did they get it JUST RIGHT?

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