How to Look Chic in the Chill

It's about two degrees out on the best of days lately, and layers are your best friend. The good news, besides the fact that spring is on the horizon? Your style doesn't have to suffer. Follow these tips for how to look chic in the winter, no matter what Mother Nature has in store.


Belts are your friends. I know—you're thinking, "What? No, my friend is my big fat coat, actually." And that's true, but a belt makes that bulky lifesaver so much more fashion friendly. Even a lofty down coat can be cinched to create a more streamlined silhouette.

Put a cape on it. If you're not a fan of hefty outerwear, a sophisticated wool cape is the ideal alternative. It harkens back to a bygone era, but an array of updated colors lend it the modernity your wardrobe requires.

Be pretty in pastel. Those soft mints, baby blues, and girlish pinks you reserve for spring can come out of hiding a little earlier this year. Incorporate a touch of these hues into your winter wardrobe for an instant style boost! Not sure how? A light blue shirt is phenomenal with a brown coat; a crisp pink blouse brings a ladylike touch to that menswear-inspired tweed topper; a dainty green handbag softens a severe black sweater.

Have a hat attack. They aren't the winter hats your mom tugged over your head when you were little—they're the relaxed, slightly slouchy caps that look effortlessly chic and keep windblown strands in place. Opt for a newsboy style for a more polished look.

Rock a fleece sock. Just like no one needs to know about long underwear, your fleece socks are kept concealed beneath your winter boots. They help lock in warmth and make an enormous difference in your comfort level, especially when you're out there braving the bitterest chill in recent history.

Accessorize to the hilt. In much the same way you dress up for date night or a special occasion, winter is the perfect opportunity to rock your best accessories. Try brightening up a somber palette with a boldly patterned scarf or a pair of dazzling earrings. Swap your usual neutral coat for something more radiant. Embrace jewel tones that complement the season's dramatic hues.

Perhaps most important of all, remember that spring is truly only weeks away. What feels unbearable now will soon be a distant memory…until next winter, when your style game will be amped up to its fullest potential!

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