TV Mom Crush: Parenthood’s Julia Braverman Style

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julia-braverman-verticalEven when I’m watching my favorite TV shows, my eyes are peeled for exceptional mom style. Parenthood’s Julia Braverman Graham, one of my current TV mom crushes, always looks awesome in my mom style book. Every week, the fashion wheels in my head start turning out versions of her episode outfits that I could incorporate into my own everyday mom style. Unlike many TV moms who look beautiful but are typically outfitted in understated ensembles, Julia Braverman style stands out from the yoga pant clad Sycamore School moms – and here’s why:

Incorporate Prints of all Kinds

One of the mosrt distinctive traits of Julia’s style is her liberal use of prints in her everyday outfits. Just last week, we saw her rocking an awesome conversational apple print shirt as she dropped off Victor and Sydney at school. These patterns and prints are easy ways to add oomph into the blah jeans and cardigan cycle we moms tend to fall into when we’re crazed with daycare prep, diaper changes and kiddo herding every morning. And the great news is, there are an array of printed tops at great prices – from florals to stars to apples. So to take a page from Julia’s style playbook, opt for a classic or seasonally inspired print in lieu of the easy solid shirt the next time you’re shopping your favorite store’s sales.

Punchy Pops of Color

When it comes to color for Julia Braverman Graham, the bolder the better! My favorite mom style looks of Julia usually include some vibrant shade of something, like an electric pink tee or that cool cobalt blue sweater. Bright colors don’t have to be intimidating if we balance it out with our favorite neutral shades – a black cozy sweater jacket or a super dark pair of rinse denim. Give into your favorite pop colors this season and add it into your everyday outfit rotation today!

Distinctive Details

Julia’s stay at home mom outfits often include an item that has a wink“notice me” details that help an ensemble shine brighter than the others. Gold buttons on a classic navy cardigan, sunny yellow tipping on a light grey sweater – these are just a few examples of the distinctive details Julia includes in her everyday mom style. For us style conscious moms, this could also include a few standout accessories – silver lace up oxfords, a multicolored floral scarf, an animal print skinny belt – that can be used for more than one outfit and can be easily dressed up or down.

Impressive Layering Looks

I’m always a fan of anyone that gets creative with the way they layer together items in a single outfit. These unique combinations of otherwise basic pieces give us something to talk about! And in my mom style book, Julia Braverman Graham is a layering pro. She easily mixes her preppy striped shirts with her softer short sleeved sweaters and vests like it’s nothing, when in reality such outfit combinations don’t come so naturally when we’re sleep deprived or 15 minutes behind schedule. But I love layering becaue it allows us to use our favorite items we already own in new an unexpected ways. Take a peek in your closet, pull out your most loved pieces and find a new way to layer them together.

Get Julia’s Look:

With all of this great mom style inspiration, here are a few item’s I’ve found around the web that live up to Julia’s style philosophy and are a great deal. A bold big dot shirt, a cozy sweater hoodie, a pop of pink and a dash of shine – I think Julia would be proud.

tv mom style crush julia braverman graham

J Crew Factory Henley Hoodie

Gap New Tailored Print Shirt

Gap Gold Leather Loafers

Gap 1969 Legging Jeans

Banana Republic Tab Skinny Belt

Nars Lip Gloss – Super Orgasm

What stylish moms are you crushing on lately? Are you as obsessed with Parenthood as I am? Let’s discuss!

See the entire “Celeb Mom Style Crush” Series!

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