Indulge Your Spring Fever With These Workout Clothes

We played outside, we picnicked, I took several runs at my local park.

Then winter returned, sending us all screaming back inside.  But that little taste of warmth gave me some serious spring fever and I’ve been shopping for fun spring items ever since.  I’ve been especially excited at the idea of getting back outside to run as the inside track at my local gym just doesn’t cut it. 

Several of my favorite workout gear sites have come out with some great new spring workout clothes that I’ve been desiring.   Here are just a few of my favorite sites and pieces for this season:  is one of my go-to workout stores.  You can often find coupon codes for them on various coupon sites online like  While their clothes aren’t cheap, they really last.  My favorite pair of running pants came from Lucy almost five years ago and they are still my top choice to run in.  I love this Karma Racerback in the variety of prints they offer.  It has a built-in cup with tons of support. 

I was late to discover, only starting to really shop and wear their clothes last year.  But I’m so glad I did finally discover them as they know workout clothes and they have a way with design.  They offer everything from casual everyday hiking clothes to serious high-impact workout pieces.  This Ready to Run Top ($69)  is a great all-play top as it’s made for both swimming and running.  You can run for a bit on the beach and dive in, all with great support and looking trendy and cute while doing it.

I got a pair of these Reebok Athletic Basics Pants at my local Dick’s Sporting Goods store recently.  The price is right ($35) and these pants are good for just about any sport – running, yoga or a quick walk around your neighborhood.

Lastly, I always check Target for workout clothes.  They often carry some really cute looking pieces at affordable prices like these C9 by Champion Women’s Reversible Pants in Ebony/Gray for $36

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