How To Do A Reverse Braided Bun (With Photos)

The reverse braided bun looks incredibly polished and it’s so simple to do. Something else that I love about this style is that it’s an easy hack for second-day hair (or even third-day hair!). The style works best on long, straight hair.

Ready to get this look? Here’s how to master the reverse braided bun, step-by-step.




  • Two Hair Elastics
  • Hair Pins
  • Sectioning Comb
  • Holding Spray



Step 1: Split your hair into two sections at the crown. Place the top section into a ponytail with an elastic band (so your hair resembles a half-up, half-down look).



Step 2: Tightly twist the ponytail in an upward motion and then let the twist naturally coil back downward into a bun. This is my secret weapon for a getting an instant top knot. Pin into place and set with a light holding spray.


Step 3: Next, gather remaining hair into another ponytail right behind the top knot you just finished. Make a rope braid just like the first one you did—teasing your hair first if you need extra fullness.


Step 4: Then, loop this braid through your first coiled top knot as demonstrated above. Disguise the ends of your braid by pinning them underneath your coiled bun.


Step 5: Hold in place with hair pins and a light spritz of hairspray, tugging at the bun and the braid (if need be) to create extra fullness.


The final look should resemble a wide mohawk-inspired braid. 


Lookin’ good!

Hair and Makeup by Maritza Buelvas

Modeling by Gabriella Dini

Photography by Jennifer Coffey

Location Beauty For Bloggers Studio

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How To Do A Reverse Braided Bun (With Photos)