Coconut Oil vs Tea Tree Oil: Which Face Oil Is Best for Me (+ 11 More Facial Oils to Try)

Until recently, I used to think the only real multi-purpose oil out there (besides olive oil) was baby oil. I’d use it on my body just like I did for my kiddo’s tush. Then I started researching other natural oils that could be used on my face—the kind that could combat wrinkles and fine lines and heal cuts and scrapes. Yes, my mind kind of exploded. The issue is, there are so many. I love having options, but between coconut oil, tea tree oil, argan oil, and all the other oils that fill up an entire aisle at the drugstore, I had a hard time pinpointing which oil would be better for my specific skin type and issues.

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After a ton of research, I’ve become somewhat of a face oil guru—and I’m here to share my findings. Check out the slideshow for the best face oils on the market today, and find out which one is best for your skin. As a bonus, most of them can be found in a health food store or even in your natural grocery aisle.

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