Five Minute Makeup Tutorials Every Mom Should Watch

My morning rush is nothing short of epic—even on those days when I think I’ve got a lock on the whole I-look-awesome-nothing-can-stop-me-now thing. Actually, I barely have time to comb my hair and throw together breakfast, let alone do my makeup. Let’s face it: The modern woman isn’t exactly sitting around with nothing to do. (Free time? What’s that?)

It’s this shared conundrum that makes me oh so grateful for the plethora of YouTube videos devoted to pulling off fabulous makeup in just a few minutes. If I can cobble together a put-together look without sacrificing the time I need to take care of pressing issues, I’ll be a very happy woman. Steer yourself in the right direction with these helpful five minute makeup tutorials that’ll totally save you on those hectic days where your morning has totally escaped you.


1. Anytime, Anywhere Makeup

It’s amazing how the basics of makeup somehow seem to allude us with kids underfoot. Check out how simple it can be to perfect your complexion, dust on a hint of color (and even bring out your cheekbones!), and add a pop to your pout in just a few quick moves.

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2. New Mama 411

Being a new mom is accompanied by its own set of trials, the very least of which is wearing makeup. That doesn’t mean, though, that it’s not high on the self-care list—and let’s face it, it feels awesome to know you look fabulous despite catching zero zzzs.

3. Tea, Crumpets, and Lip Gloss

Make like a duchess with a speedy tutorial that will transform you into veritable beauty royalty. Whether or not you’ve got yourself a Prince William type, chances are you do have the right tools in your arsenal to achieve this Kate Middleton inspired look.

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