(PHOTOS) How to Contour With Powder the Easy Way

Most mornings I just want to look a little more chiseled but I don’t want to spend time going through the thousand steps that most contouring tutorials suggest you go through. Through practice, I’ve found that I really only need one tool and powder for my daily contouring routine. 

The secret to contouring with powder is to use a good fan brush. No one ever really knows what to do with a fan brush—it’s the silliest-looking, yet most versatile brush. Here’s how to contour with powder for a sculpted, everyday look.



Step 1: First, I dust my favorite shimmer-free bronzer onto the brush.

  Tool to make contour a cinch

Step 2: Then I turn the brush sideways to create the perfect thin sweep of color under the cheekbones. 

Tool to make contour a cinch

Step 3: Finally, I run the brush and color onto the temples, hairline, and jawline to create even more face shape.  

Tool to make contour a cinch

In two seconds, you have a soft contour that helps define your bone structure yet still looks natural. 

Tool to make contour a cinch

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