No Time for a Pedicure? 12 Must-Haves for Spa-Perfect Feet at Home

Before I had my first baby, I would think nothing of spending a whole day pampering myself…haircut, pedicure, manicure, facial…the works. Along came children and suddenly my days were full of feeding, changing nappies, more feeding, soothing, changing more nappies, trying to convince the baby to nap…and “me time” went out of the window.

Now I have four children and my life is busier than ever, me time is harder to get, but more important than ever. I’ve figured out how to fit it into small pockets of time. With no time to get a professional pedicure, I like to recreate the experience at home and squeeze it into naptime. A little bit of luxurious “me time” not only keeps me looking great, but—let’s be honest—it also keeps me sane!


While sandal season is almost drawing to a close for this year, I still like to keep my feet in tip-top condition. Here are my must-have home pedicure essentials for spa-perfect feet when I’m in a hurry.

Check them out in the slideshow.

These are my pedicure essentials. What are yours?

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