(PHOTOS) How To Get Effortless Waves Without Heat Styling

There are a small percentage of women that seem to get effortless and voluminous hair without having to spend a ton of time styling it. Ugh. For the rest of us that aren’t born with hair like that, it’s almost obnoxious to look at!  But, I do have a sneaky trick that will give those ladies a run for their money in the “effortless hair” department. Below is the lazy girl’s way to get lived-in, effortless waves without a single hot tool.  Try this tutorial out at night after you wash your hair; it requires you to sleep on it!



Step 1: Wash your hair and let it air dry most of the way. Hair should be ever-so-slightly damp. Secure your hair into a ponytail at the top of your head. Pulling a little volume at the front of your hair creates a nice bend.

Step 2: Twist ponytail and secure into a bun.


Step 3: Once bun is secured, get some ZZZs. Sleep on the bun all night long.


Step 4: In the morning, take your hair down and shake your locks out upside down. Spray your hair with texturizing dry shampoo and scrunch with your hands.

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Step 5: Flip your hair to the side for an effortless look, and spray with a light hold hairspray to set.

No heat hair

Voila! You’re all set for the day with sexy, lived-in locks!

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