The Hottest Hair Trends of the Year & How You Can Pull Them Off

I don’t know about you, but the changing weather has got me yearning to mix up my hairstyle. Nothing dramatic—just a fun change. There’s need to go too drastic—I’ve sniffed out 5 hairstyles are low-maintenance and provide an instant boost to any look. From coloring to cutting—I’ve got you covered with these hot hair trends.




Lea Michelle rocks the Sombre – image: Jason Merritt/Getty

I reported on this trend a little while back, and this style is still going strong. Although I’m still a big fan of the ombre, the sombre is its softer, more modern counterpart. Perfect for the mom-on-the-go. This mild and subtle color-blocking will perk up your look and provide a wash of low-maintenance color. Less time and money on monthly hair-dying appointments, more time for you and the kids…that’s a big style win! 

Baby Lights


Pregnant mama Molly Sims plays up her Baby Lights – image: Michael Tran/Getty

A new approach to highlighting is creating a very delicate, natural looking highlight called baby lights. It’s achieved by treating smaller sections of hair at a time for a sun-kissed feel. Baby lights can be done in small sections, or all over the head with maintenance every eight to twelve weeks depending on the size of the area. The result mimics the natural, pretty highlights of your baby or toddler. You know you’re secretly jealous of them anyway…go get some of your own.

Blunt or Layered Bangs


Hannah Simone is the queen of blunt bangs – image: Getty/Taylor Hill

Instantly add some cool girl factor to your look with straight blunt bangs or layered face-framing bangs. Either way, the look you’re going for is a heavy bang for a sleek modern edge. Pairs nicely with a bob or long tousled waves. This style easily dresses up any outfit, so it’s definitely one to consider for that reason alone!

The Lob


Emma Stone’s Lob is on point – image: Getty/Jason Merritt

Cousin to the bob, the lob is too cute for words. Practical, easy, and super flirty—this style calls for wearing all of it down, braiding a section, or putting it all in a messy, chic bun. Very trendy, very user friendly. Happy hair, happy mom!



Is it red? Is it bronze? Amy Adams’ covetable color – image: Getty/Taylor Hill

Not quite red, not quite blonde, more like bronze—ronze is the IT color for 2015. Think of it as a modernized strawberry blonde, which works with a multitude of complexions. Work with your colorist to determine the shade that’s best for you. We love this shade as it automatically casts a rosy, perky look to your face. Throw on some shades with a red lip and you’re out the door! It’s the rage for a reason.

More Hair Ideas to Try: