How to Plump Up Your Lips Without Injections

Anyone have pouty, full lip envy these days?! I know I do! Skip the needle and plumpers; just employ these 3 simple tricks to make your lips look much fuller without a visit to the doctor.



Full Lip Trick #1:

Using a lip liner pencil, draw slightly outside your natural lip line. It’s very Pam Anderson of me, but it does the trick!

Fuller lips

Full Lip Trick #2:

Apply lipstick all over lips. Next, apply shiny gloss just to the middle of lips. This will trick the eye into seeing a fuller bottom and top lip.

Fuller lips

Full Lip Trick #3:

With a cream highlighter, apply a small amount to the cupid’s bow of upper lip. Pat with finger to blend. Repeat under lower lip with the cream highlighter.

Fuller lips

Fuller lips

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