Hideously Cracked Feet? Try This Insane Foot Peel

A few months ago, I crawled into bed next to my husband, and when my feet grazed his calves, you would have thought I had electrocuted him—not just brushed my dry, callous-hardened soles along his legs.

“Man, your feet are…unfriendly,” he shouted!


I couldn’t help but laugh at his half-hearted, last-ditch attempt to soften the criticism, but he did have a point. My feet were not making any friends. Being shoved into shoes, walking barefoot over the summer, and pounding the pavement while jogging for miles have led to some less-than-velvety heels. 

That’s why when I heard about Baby Foot I was so excited. This isn’t any ordinary foot exfoliator product or even some crazy stone you need to scour your heels with to take off the dead skin. This is like the Godzilla of foot smoothing treatments. (It costs $25.)


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Simply wrap the alpha hydroxy acid gel laden booties around each foot, let the product soak in for one hour, and rinse off. Within a few days, your feet will start to peel like a snake shedding its skin. We are talking crumbling skin—nasty, dry skin flaking off like scales from an old dragon. Out of all the weird beauty products I’ve tried, this one takes the grand prize. Here’s a terrifying/awesome picture of the before, during, and after from the company’s website, and YES, this actually happens when you use Baby Foot:

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 2.10.11 PM

via BabyFootUSA.com

Is it gross? Totally.

Does that sort of stuff bother me? No way. (In fact, I am one of those people who loves peeling skin and has to sit on my hands not to overdo it.)

The pictures I found with a quick Google search of other people’s skin shedding are real doozies (check them out yourself), and while my own shedding was far less dramatic (dang!), within a few days the hardened skin was slowly dissipating and flaking away…and the end result is this: My feet are SO friendly now.

They are soft and unburdened by old-lady callouses, and ready to cuddle this winter! Confession: I almost can’t wait for my feet to roughen and toughen up again over time so that I can bring back Baby Foot for another round. 

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