Beauty After Baby: 3 Natural Ways I Took Care of All My New Gray Hair

As some of us have experienced, pregnancy and post-pregnancy can certainly come with their fair share of unexpected beauty conundrums. This month’s post deals with gaining those grays during pregnancy and three clever, safe ways to combat grays during and after pregnancy so you can keep up with your beauty after baby.

I had maybe two gray hairs prior to my second pregnancy. Then, while pregnant with baby number two, I parted my hair a bit differently one day and (bam!) I noticed a bunch of new grays. I asked my doctor at my next appointment, and she said it was hormonal and unfortunately here to stay.

Salon Treatment to the Rescue

Being just short of my three month mark, I had to sit out the gray for a bit before I could dye my hair. When I got clearance from my doctor I did professional balayage—a unique highlighting technique that provides painted on, sun-kissed colored strands strategically placed away from the scalp. This highlighting treatment is a pregnant girl’s best friend as it’s safe to use and does a great job at disguising gray hairs.

And if you’re looking for an at-home quick fix, luckily today’s technology is boasting new and exciting powders and pens to combat gray roots.

At-Home Repair Powder

Designed for at-home, quick root fixes, Madison Reed’s new Root Touch Up powder is infused with opalescent color pigments, created to extend the life of your hair color between dyes. Pregnant women will be happy to know this product is free of harsh chemicals, available in eight color-matching shades, and designed to last until your next shampoo.

On-the-Go Pen

And when you need a quick boost of color outside the home, this Professional Root Touch Up marker is ideal because you can just paint on color to zap away gray without any rubbing, blending, or spillage.

Try one of these three stress-free techniques if you find yourself in a hair bind during pregnancy or post-partum. You’ll feel confident using them as they won’t be harmful to your little one.

Photo: Getty/Wonwoo Lee

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