The Sombre Hairstyle – Why You Need It in Your Life This Winter


I’m going to go on record saying I still LOVE the ombre. I’ve been wearing it for about three years, and as far as I can tell it’s going to be an everlasting fixture on my head. Why? It’s practical, looks fantastic in a blow out, and the three boys in my life—hubby included—kind of love it! You know how it is with boys getting attached to a certain look…it’s pretty sweet and endearing, if you ask me.

But there’s a rather new twist on the ombre and I’m All.Over.It. this winter…welcome the sombre. Yes, even though I do freelance hair on the regular, my own hair is usually last on the list. There’s just simply never enough time…and that’s just one of the five reasons the sombre is the IT color for winter. 

But first, what exactly is a sombre? A sombre is a softer, transitional color version of the ombre…a.k.a. a subtle ombre. The color distribution is more gradual, introducing a mixture of low-lights and highlights with the overall end effect looking more sun kissed.

Here are the top five reasons you need it in your life this winter:


I don’t know about where you live, but Chicago winters are brutal. I’m not hiking in snow to get my hair colored every four weeks (and for me, root color usually lasts a whopping three weeks). So the fact that I can go extended weeks (even months) without a color touch-up is the kind of mini-miracle I live for.


My boys are high maintenance. My hair can’t be. A sombre instantly dresses up your tresses. Whether you’re wearing a pony or a down do, the transitional color technique in a sombre adds dimension to virtually any style you whip up at home, elevating your look and making you appear “done up” in a matter of minutes.


Not as harsh as the ombre, the sombre gives a bit more warmth closer to your face (as opposed to mostly being a chunky, dip-dye color block toward the bottom of your hair). During winter, we can all use some brightening around the face, and the sombre is a perfect way to frame your features with golden or honey highlights. 


Even if you can’t make it to the salon for color, the gradual coloring technique in a sombre will grow out nicely, mimicking an ombre when it’s fully grown out. And that’s still not a bad thing!


Less trips to the salon for color means more money saved for other expenses. Depending on hair type and preferences, the sombre should last you several months on end.

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