Best Lip Conditioners for Pregnant Women

I don’t know about you, but during both my pregnancies my lips became increasingly dry, and NOTHING seemed to hydrate them for longer than a minute. I’m sure having two winter babies probably played a role, but regardless…your lips need extra TLC when you’re breeding life and breathing through your mouth those last couple months.

Here are the best lip conditioners I’ve tried. These were my saviors. Hope they become yours, too!



You can opt for this in a fun color (there are loads of pretty shades), but I recommend it in clear to wear with any existing lip color. This moisture-rich balm did the trick when everything else failed to work. It’s totally worth the small investment if your lips are resistant to retaining moisture. This balm hydrates and softens while imparting a soft gloss finish. Pregnancy Perk: You feel very glamorous pulling out your lip balm while being very preggers. Treat yourself! You’ll LOVE it!


Equally glam and more affordable is this French brand I discovered during pregnancy. I quite love a lot of their unique creations and formulations. This lip conditioner is super portable and nice to keep in your pocket for quick applications. Ideal to keep on the hospital night stand when the time comes!


Lip exfoliation is not only a decadent at-home mini spa treat, but also essential during pregnancy. I found it to be crucial and did exfoliating about once or twice a week, as needed. This skin-softening scub sloughs away dryness with raw sugar and replenishes with pure maracuja oil, laying a nice emollient foundation on the lips. No use in conditioning if you’re not first getting rid of dry, patchy skin.

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