Postpartum Eyelash Loss: Here’s What Finally Fixed It For Me

During pregnancy and after delivery, I was content with giving up certain things for my baby boys. I gave up my figure, I lost hair in places I wanted to keep it, I started growing hair in places I didn’t want it, my skin changed color, my boobs had a mind of their own…they were all changes I expected as a result of my friends having gone through similar issues during and after their own pregnancies.

Of course, there were weird little things, like losing my eyelashes, that made me say, “Really?! That, too?”

The Problem

After both of my pregnancies, I’d experienced a bout of postpartum eyelash loss. I’d just go to sleep and wake up sometime shortly after giving birth with half of my eyelashes completely gone. Not thinned out, and certainly not evenly, but just gone on one eye. I looked insane. I mean, hadn’t I given enough?! Both of my boys have the most glorious eyelashes….it’s as if there were a limited amount of follicles allotted to our family, and my loss was their gain. Hmph.

The Solution

After a couple rounds of trial and error and obsessive hair regenerating research, I bought L’Oreal Lash Boosting Serum, and it did help my lashes grow back in a week-and-a-half or so. I highly recommend this product. Apply it only to the eye that needs help, so you can track the progress and growth and see if it’s actually working for you.


Under $15 at

Obviously if you’re in need of an immediate solution, fake lashes are your answer, but if you’ve just given birth, who has time to deal with glue and falsies anyway?

image: Getty/bobiwankanobi

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