The Busy Mom’s Guide: Beauty Essentials For Your Purse

As busy moms we are basically prepared for any scenario; our fabulously chic purses hide an arsenal of quick fixes for anything. When it comes to our beauty routine sometimes we need a little backup throughout they day. Ever have a change of plans and have to pop into a meeting sooner than you're ready? Decide to grab coffee with girlfriends or a hot date with your man at the end of the day and feel a little run down? I've put together a list of beauty essentials for your purse for any of life's fun unexpecteds. Prepare to be chic in any situation!  

First, find a smaller makeup bag that you can zip up all your goodies in.  




  1. Blotting tissues to absorb oil  
  2. Clear rubber bands in case you need to pull back you hair for the gym or into a sleek pony for drinks with your hunny
  3. Lip balm with SPF  
  4. Lipsticks in a couple colors (I go with my favorite red and fun bright pink.)  
  5. Black eyeliner for a quick touchup or speedy smokey eye  
  6. Travel size dry shampoo for a boost of volume on your locks  
  7. Mascara for a lash refresher  
  8. Dental floss  


  1. Full-sized products
  2. Foundation
  3. Blush
  4. Eyeshadows (unless you are planning on washing your face after the gym)
  5. Also, ditch those ten-plus lipsticks. Pick two in great shades and keep it simple.  




What are your must-haves in your purse? Share with us!

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