How To Apply Self Tanner Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks

Even though the sun’s been shining bright and I’ve worn shorts multiple weekends in a row, my pale, pasty skin is still has not picked up a summer glow. It’s time for a little help to achieve sexy tan legs the safe way. (Besides, with two little girls running around I have zero time to sit out in the sun in a bikini…ahh, I miss my twenties!) Self tanners can be temperamental; sometimes going to an expert is the most flawless option, but here are the best tried and true self tanner tricks for getting your own glow at home. 

First things first, decide which type of self tanner you need for the occasion.  

  1. If you are going for the long haul and want a gradual tan: opt for Jergen’s Natural Glow ($10). It will build your tan slowly with daily use.
  2. If you need a quicker more noticeable tan: opt for St. Tropez’s formula ($42). St. Tropez comes with a glove, and make sure you use that if you are newer to self tanning. The glove will help get an even blend on the skin.
  3.  If you forgot to tan and desperately need to bronze up your legs in a pinch: go for Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs ($15). This formula is a aerosol formula and is great for an instant tan and smoothing effect on legs. 



Step 1: Use about a quarter to half dollar size at a time and work quickly. 


Step 2: Work forumla into skin using cirucular motions. Work quickly and make sure to buff all areas thoroughly.


Step 3: Wait prescribed amount of time to see results. I typically apply at night and rinse off in morning.  


Step 4: To troubleshoot problem areas like streaks or heavier coverage, rub a lemon onto those areas to help remove some of the solution and color for a more natural appearance.


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