How to Highlight Your Face like a Pro

As the weather turns, my skin doesn’t know how to react. Once the humidity dries up, I really start to see it in my skin and it takes a few weeks of skincare swaps before my skin starts adjusting to the cooler temps. When I feel like my skin is looking sallow and I don’t have time for a brightening mask, I fake glowing skin with a good dose of highlighting before I leave the house. Highlighting is the perfect way to get that dewy fresh look that came naturally in the summer with very little effort.

With that said, you want to make sure to apply your highlighter properly so as to not appear greasy. Here is how to highlight your face like a pro.

There are two types of highlighters: cream and powder. I will be showing a cream highlighter below. Cream highlighters can sometimes be more user friendly because fingers are the best tools.

highlighter 1

Step 1: First, apply the highlighter in a dabbing motion on the cheekbone above blush. Blend lightly using the same dabbing motion up toward temple.

highlighter 2

Step 2: Next, dab highlighter above brows and onto temple. Make sure to keep on outer half of brows to stay out of the T-zone area.

highlighter 3

Step 3: Lastly, apply small amount to “cupid’s bow” or top center of upper lip to help make lips appear fuller.


Voila! You are now fresh and glowing. As you turn your head the light will catch the subtle shimmer and give off the most lovely glow making your skin look young and supple.

highlighter 5

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