Get Healthy, Glowing Skin: 5 Things You Need to Start Doing Right NOW

We spend tons of time and effort on products and treatments for our faces. But there’s no hiding your age when the rest of your body’s skin is saggy, dry, and dull.

Here are five things you need to start doing right now to achieve healthy, glowing skin! Do you check all five off your list daily?



Sunscreen. This is a year-round beauty must right up there with removing your makeup before bed. Invest in a quality, broad-spectrum sunscreen that combats both UVA and UVB rays, which leave skin pigmented – and thus, less bright and certainly not glowing. An SPF of at least 30 is your best bet. Remember that a foundation that contains sunscreen does not typically offer enough protection, so it’s important to apply a separate SPF product to your skin before your makeup. Avoid formulas with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which can leave a chalky finish on the face.


Sleep. This may draw some polite laughter from moms who know all too well that sleep is merely a memory at this point, but quality sleep is extremely important. Without it, circulation is inhibited and skin suffers all kinds of negative side effects, from paleness to dryness. When you’re fortunate enough to catch a few ZZZs, boost the skin-glowing benefits by applying a night cream before your head hits the pillow. Your skin cells naturally turn over at night, so it’s the perfect time to indulge in a nourishing, restorative cream. It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing!


Exercise. It doesn’t have to be a major workout that rivals a session with Jillian Michaels, but there’s nothing like getting the blood pumping to bring a healthy glow to your skin – immediately. And when you perspire, toxins are naturally eliminated from the body. Try anything from pushing baby’s stroller around the neighborhood to a yoga break to jogging in place in the living room. The benefit carries over in more ways than one, because exercise also reduces stress – and we all know what a toll that takes on the skin, body and mind.


Exfoliate. Nothing says tired skin like dull skin. You know the symptoms: Skin appears sallow, pale, bland. It’s no wonder a little blush makes such a big difference. Yet achieving a natural glow is as easy as sloughing off the top layer of dead skin to reveal the brighter, more youthful complexion underneath. There are several methods of exfoliation, ranging from chemical AHAs to sugar and salt scrubs to electronic brushes. It’s worth it to investigate the method that’s best for your skin; regular exfoliation will reduce the appearance of uneven, dull skin and yield magazine cover-worthy glowing skin.


Vitamin C. Vitamin C is king when it comes to virtuous skin care nutrients. A lack of this powerful antioxidant reduces collagen production and elasticity, which in turn encourages the formation of wrinkles and contributes to a mottled, less than radiant complexion. Ramp up your usage of topical vitamin C to maintain a youthful appearance, and be sure to indulge in plenty of vitamin C-rich foods, too. Vitamin C may also protect skin from harmful UV rays – further proof of its ability to pamper skin from the inside and out.