How to Look Less Tired: The 5 Products You Can’t Live Without

Origins ginzing, Stila concealer, Loreal Youth Code and Sugar Balm pictured together

You know the drill: It's 5:00 a.m., your eyes are barely open, and you're stumbling around preparing lunch for the little ones while mentally planning your jam-packed day. Less pressing matters, like how tired your skin looks, are hardly on the to-do list. If you have five minutes, though, here's how to look less tired in no time at all.


Highlighter is the holy grail of perk-up products—even when you feel your worst, a sweep of color on your cheekbones, at your temples, and along the jaw can really distract from any signs of exhaustion. Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder ($52) contains brightening ingredients and leaves skin kissed with a soft rosy-pink, lit-from-within flush.

De-puff, de-puff, de-puff! Your eyes aren't going to look their best when you've slept for approximately two hours, that much is irrefutable. The market is saturated with products that claim to calm your tired peepers, and there are plenty of natural remedies that work, too (one of the best: cucumber slices). But when time is of the essence, chopping up veggies just isn't in the cards. Opt for a caffeinated treatment, like Origins GinZing ($30), which also contains brightening magnolia extract and Panax ginseng.

An illuminating concealer is a must when you're faced with the prospect of running on empty. Stila Brighten & Correct Concealer ($12) contains a swirl of two shades that work together to hide imperfections and brighten the skin. The result is a more refreshed appearance that belies your late night. While you're at it, curl your eyelashes—it will open up your eyes so you look more awake.

In a rush, you probably don't have time to commit to your full face of foundation. But after you've concealed, apply a multitasking BB cream, like L'Oreal Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator ($16.99). It's essentially a miracle in a tube, offering instant smoothing, evening, illuminating results (plus SPF!) and coverage that rivals your favorite foundation.

Keep your lip color low key. You can't go wrong with Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment ($22.50), available in an array of colors that range from universally flattering Rosé to neutral Honey. The sunscreen-enriched formula leaves lips soft, smooth, and tinted with just enough color to liven up your whole face.

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