Get Camera Ready Makeup

We've all been there: all dolled up, confident, thinking and feeling amazing, only to see a photo of ourselves and think, "Is that what I really look like? Erase it now!" If you think you're not photogenic, think again! Maybe you're just not using the proper makeup to give you camera ready makeup. No need to worry! With these simple tips you can get a camera-ready face that will have you radiating throughout the night and in pictures to last a lifetime. 


  1. Contour: When taking a photo the camera makes you look flat with no dimension, so contour your face to create shadows, making you three-dimensial to the camera (not to mention it'll make you look slimmer and your cheekbones more defined).
  2. Avoid Shimmer: A little shimmery highlight on the cheekbone is OK, but try and avoid shimmery eyeshadows as flash photography reflects light back, causing the skin to look washed out. Matte colors work perfectly if you are going to be taking lots of photos. 
  3. Pack on the Translucent Powder: Before adding blush or bronzer, pack on the translucent powder and use shine-free foundation. For the same reason you want to avoid shimmery eyeshadows, you want to use translucent powder to tone down the natural shine of your skin. Toning down the shine is why celebrities are constantly being touched up when on camera. 
  4. Use Primer: Prime you face and eyes before applying makeup, as most primers contain light-reflecting particles that will give you a beautiful J.Lo glow when the flash goes off. 
  5. Apply False Eyelashes: Although they may be too much for daily use, wearing them out when you know you're going to be photographed is a must! They will really make your eyes stand out, and your overall look will be perfection. 

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