Never Suffer From Eyeliner Transfer Again

We’ve all had those days when you spend valuable minutes painstakingly applying eyeliner, going to great lengths to keep both eyes even. Few of us aren’t familiar with the careful dance that is trying to avoid building the wing out so far that we stumble into Amy Winehouse territory.

Which is why it is so freaking annoying to get your liner just right, only to walk by a mirror midday and realize the perfect lines you drew have completely transferred into your crease. A stark black eyelid sandwich is an incredibly irksome predicament.


However, by taking a few extra steps when applying your makeup, you can make sure your eyeliner never smudges out or transfers up or wears off.

Step One: Before applying your eye makeup, pat a primer onto your lid. This provides a smooth and even surface for application while giving the rest of your makeup something to hold onto. Do not listen to your friend who swears foundation on your eyelids is the same as a primer. She’s a liar. Foundation is not a primer and will actually make your liner more prone to smudging by making your eyelids oily.

Step Two: Carefully apply your liner. If you need to clean up any mistakes, just dip a cotton swab in a little makeup remover and wipe away. To make your lines more exact, apply concealer around the edges for a precise finish.

Never Suffer From Eyeliner Transfer Again

Step Three: Apply an eyeshadow in a similar shade on top of your liner to set the color in place.

Never Suffer From Eyeliner Transfer Again

Step Four: Using a small, fluffy brush, dust a translucent setting powder over your entire lid. Be careful to pat and not swipe or rub to avoid smearing all your hard work unintentionally. Patting the setting powder all over your lid will not only make sure your liner is set in place; it will keep the rest of your eyelid from getting oily.

Never Suffer From Eyeliner Transfer Again

Step Five: Spritz your face with a setting spray to lock everything in place.

Say goodbye to smudgey surprises forever and enjoy your consistently solid wings!