10 Quick Beauty Tips That Take You from Drab to Fab in Minutes

You don’t need a team of make-up artists, hair stylists, and manicurists to help you look fabulous for date night. Simply follow these 10 quick tricks and you’ll learn how to enhance your natural beauty in record time.


1. Spend a few minutes contouring your face. Start with a concealer to cover the red, dark, or spotted areas on your mug (we’ve all got ’em). Then, use bronzer to give yourself a gorgeous glow—start at your forehead and apply in a 3 formation on the right side of your face and a reverse 3 on the left side. Finally, use blush (just on the apples of your cheeks) so that your nose looks slim and your cheekbones are the stars of the show.

2. Head to the drugstore and buy a pack of false lashes. Buy the standard length (anything longer tends to be too much) to pump up the volume of your lashes and to draw attention to your beautiful eyes. Instead of applying the entire strip, which can be a bit intimidating for a falsie newbie, cut a strip in half and just apply one section to the outer corner of your eyelid; repeat on the other eye. Add a layer of mascara over the lashes and draw a thin line of liquid liner on top of the strip to cover the evidence and you’ll be ready to bat away all evening.

3. Get gorgeous nails in seconds. The promise of a chip-free, glossy manicure (that’s supposed to last two weeks) prompted you to run out to get a gel nail job at the nearest salon, but chances are: you’re one week in and your tips look dull. No need to strip off the gel color in frustration! Simply coat a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and then swipe it over each nail to bring the shine back.

4. Brighten your smile. Dazzle your dude with pearly whites by brushing for two minutes with a mixture of equal parts hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. To remove residue, rinse with water after working the paste over your teeth. Your smile will be a megawatt success.

5. Show off your pretty peepers. Strip off your glasses and lock them away in their case for the night. Pop in a pair of disposable contacts and admire your beautiful bare eyes.

6. Use a color-conscious eye-shadow. To bring even more attention to the windows of your soul, use an eye shadow shade that is the exact opposite of your eye color. As a guide, remember those with brown eyes should wear blue eye shadow ranging from teal to violet, blue-eyed ladies should wear rust and gold eye shadows, and green-eyed lasses should stick to plum and copper. If you have hazel eyes you can experiment more with color because your eye color is comprised of both brown and green—although champagne colored shadow is always a great choice.

7. No time for the gym? Fake it. To look toned, apply bronze-colored body lotion to highlight the curve of your arm muscles and the length of your legs.

8. Up your do! Forget the curling wand and flat iron—you can achieve a polished updo in one minute flat without the gizmos and gadgets. First, don a stretchy headband and make sure that it is resting at the crown of your head; then, take your loose hair and carefully tuck 2-inch thick sections up and over the headband; secure in place with bobby pins. Continue tucking sections until all hair is up. The result will be a retro-inspired hairstyle that will turn heads.

9. Break out that special occasion perfume. You know, the expensive one you got as a gift for your birthday . . . Gently spritz your hair, your wrists and behind your knees. The trick is to not bathe in perfume, because with every move you make you want a subtle (not super) waft of scent to fill the air.

10. Pucker up. We’re not going to suggest that you definitely don red lipstick, because some moments simply don’t call for the crimson cosmetic, but don’t you dare leave the house without a hint of color on your pretty pucker! Shimmer draws attention to fine lines and dry skin on the lips, so stick with a subtle gloss in a caramel or playful pink shade.

Now, go out and enjoy yourself!