Easy Care Summer Hair Tricks

In Summer, you need the flexibility to move quickly from being at the beach or pool, right into your next activity, but without spending hours messing with your hair.

Nobody wants to spend hours wrestling with a hot hair dryer or flat iron, and especially not in the summertime, when you'd rather be outside having fun in the sunshine. So here are a few quick tricks and ideas for how to take control of your hair, without having it ending up owning you.



Nothing says sexy, more than loose and tousled hair that looks like you really didn’t work all that hard at it. And that’s exactly what you’re going to love about this super easy knotted ponytail. Once you get the hang of how easy this is to pull together, it’s soon to become one of your favorite go-to hairstyles. And if you want to make it even more convincing, you can backcomb the ends slightly, to make the look even more casual.

Image: buzzfeed.com



I love the retro look of this hairstyle, using bold colored clips, classically paired with a correspondingly bold lip color. This look is especially great on those days where you may have unwashed hair, but you still need to pull together a look that reads totally fashion-forward.

Image: blog.uncovet.com



Here’s a slightly asymmetrical twist on the classic French Braid that will not only show off your tresses, but will also show off the back of your neck or a pretty scooped out neckline.

Image: stylelist.com



This look of this messy top knot can be easily obtained with either short or long hair and it works best with second-day or wind tousled summer hair. Begin by first giving yourself some height, starting out first at the forehead and then creating a ponytail. Next, work your way out from there by making it piece-y on the top or adding some curls to the ends to make the overall look looser and more random.

Image: manouvellemode.com