Summer Makeup: Lighten and Brighten

Ladies, it’s time to edit your makeup routine.  Summer is upon us and just as you change your wardrobe for warmer weather, it’s time to change your makeup routine and products as well. 


Ladies, it’s time to edit yourmakeuproutine.  Summer is upon us and just as you change your wardrobe for warmer weather, it’s time to change your makeup routine and products as well.

Put away the heavy foundations and smokey eyes – they will melt off your face in the heat and humidity and no part of that look is chic AT ALL.  Your makeup should match the season – easy, light, fresh and bright.

Remember, the best starting point for makeup is clean, well-taken-care-of skin.  Be diligent with skin care and sun protection and you will need very little makeup this season.

Here is your spring and summer makeup shopping list and some personal recommendations:

1. Tinted moisturizer


Lighter than traditional foundation, a tinted moisturizer delivers just a hint of color and the extra moisture skin needs in warmer weather.  I love Laura Mercier’s with an SPF 20.

2. Concealer / Eye Base


When skin gets a little color in the spring and summer, you may find the dark circles under your eyes are a little less noticeable.  But just in case, I love Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer for its lightness, creaminess and great blendability.

Eye base is a lighter-textured concealer for eye lids – it gives your lids an even color so eyeshadows look consistent.  It is a favorite eye product for me and, again, I’d recommend Laura Mercier’s Eye Basics for its lightweight, effortless feel and application.

3. Bronzing powder


Your face is not a flat surface and the sun does not shine down on it evenly.  When applying, remember you are highlighting the highest points on your face for the look of health and dimension.  Lightly sweep it across the forehead, nose, tops of your cheekbones and chin.  Any more than that and it’ll be Snooky all over your face.

Check out Too Faced “Carribean in a Compact” bronzer.  I love the variety of shades in the product as well as the more golden tones.

4. Blush


Warm weather begs for soft roses and peachy tones.  It’s time to put the reds and plums away for fall.  A light sweep on your cheekbones will give you that sunkissed look full of health.  I am smitten with the legendary NARS “Orgasm” powder blush.  Never has a product been named so well.

5. Two (2) eye shadows – neutral in palette


You don’t need to get fancy with a rainbow of colors on your eyes.  The point is to look fresh and natural and glowy.  I love the combination of a golden champagne color on the lids with a warm bronze color in the crease.  Finish up with a light color on the brow bone for some additional highlight. I love MAC’s “Naked Lunch” for lids, Laura Mercier’s “Baroque Sateen” for the crease and MAC’s “Solar White” for the brow bone.

6. Eye liner – Brown, navy or black

Spring and summer is not the time to get heavy handed with eye liner.  Be sure to keep it well sharpened.  I tend to prefer it only on the top lash line, leaving the bottom part of the eye bright and clean.  Additionally, if you’re out in the heat all day you don’t have to worry so much about eyeliner running and melting.  Win!

7. Mascara


This is my one, most favorite “desert island” product must-have.  For all the fancy-schmancy brands I’ve tried, I still adore the pink and green packaged Maybelline Great Lash in Black.  It’s more fun to be flirty behind fantastic lashes.

8. Bright lipstick – pink, coral or red


A bright smile deserves a bright lip!  This season it’s all about the lip and I am loving NARS “Niagra” for a slightly sheer but beautifully pinky-coral.