Woman Having a Heart Attack

California Mother Suffers Widowmaker Heart Attack, Brought Back to Life Three Times

Monique Hall, of Chula Vista, California, fought her way back from the brink of death. Not once, not twice, but three times, due to a widowmaker heart attack. Now, she posts inspirational videos to YouTube, hoping to slow her fellow humans down this holiday season.

Hall’s medical miracle took place in January of 2020, reports CBS8. If her story speaks to you, her video testimonials can be found on YouTube.

Monique Suffered a Widowmaker Heart Attack

According to novanhealth.org, a Widowmaker Heart Attack “is a massive heart attack that occurs when the left anterior descending artery (LAD) is totally or almost completely blocked,” their website states. “The critical blockage in the artery, usually a blood clot, stops all the blow flow to the left side of the heart.”

Obviously, this particular heart attack has its name for a reason. And yet, Hall survived it. Three times. In one day.

Hall, now 50-years-old, says the day started like any other, “I dropped my son off and went to work.” She felt fatigued but usually did as a working mom. Most of the time, she was rushing from one thing to the next.

“It was a very fast-paced lifestyle,” says Hall.

Upon returning home, Hall experienced heartburn. Quickly, it escalated into excruciating pain that caused her to throw up and scream. “It just felt like someone was stepping on my chest with all of their weight,” she describes.

Chris, her husband, and her son, Grayson, rushed her to the hospital. After a second EKG, the ER doctor informed her she was having a heart attack. And not just any heart attack, a widowmaker. Which would require the doctor to insert a stint into her heart to allow blood flow.

Over the next hour, Hall would suffer three distinct heart attacks. As she puts it, she “was dead on the table” three different times. Miraculously, she was revived all three times.

Monique Feels That She Survived to Convey a Message

Now, Hall is telling her story through a series of YouTube videos and has asked for help in spreading the word. “If your body feels off, stop what you are doing and go to the hospital.”

“Go to a doctor. Regular appointments,” Hall implores. She had too much to live for and wants you to know that you do, as well. “I genuinely feel that I was sent back to relay this message, in addition to being here for my family,” she adds.

Again, Hall’s YouTube video series can be viewed here.

Do you know anyone who has suffered a Widowmaker Heart Attack and survived? What do you think of the message Hall is trying to convey? Let us know in the comments below.

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