Holiday Season Super-Herbs Fit For The Whole Family

Why wait till 2022 to start a new, healthy habit? Start today! Herbs are a great way to not only add flavor to our foods and beverages, they’re powerful ways to boost the health of everyone around the dinner table.

We asked Rachelle Robinett, an herbalist, educator and the founder of Pharmakon Supernatural, to highlight the best herbs to super-charge us this holiday season and beyond.

Lavender: Lavender is my favorite herb for the nervous system and great for all ages. It’s the plant for peace and works in so many forms — tea, food, essential oil and aromatherapy, fresh, you name it.”

Chamomile: Another great herb that’s commonly used in formulas for young, old, and in between. It’s especially indicated for anyone feeling fussy, or with nervous-belly symptoms. It’s also a carminative, which is an herb that supports digestion. Chamomile has a gentle, muscle-relaxing action that’s welcome in times of tension.”

Oat: We consider this one nourishing, like a multivitamin for the nerves. It’s full of important nutrients (like B-vitamins) that we need during times of stress and is both mild enough to be used daily long term and effective.”

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Rose: “Rose is wonderful for baths, teas, in food and drink, as essential oil, facial steams and otherwise. Even great-quality skincare products like lotions or balms that contain true rose essential oil are lovely options for relaxation, especially of the tense-muscle type.”

Lemon Balm: For picky eaters, lemon balm is often a hit. It’s citrusy flavor is a mood brightener and, again, this is an herb with an affinity for the nervous system — helping to soothe without sedation, making it especially nice for daytime use, dark seasons, and any time we need a bit of sunshine.”

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