Addressing My Son’s Learning Disability Has Boosted His Confidence

Several years ago my son was diagnosed with a learning disability, dyslexia. Even though he is a very bright child his inability to read and write had a huge impact on not only his schooling but also his confidence. He would get frustrated with school work because he knew the information but was unable to complete his assignments. When he would sit down to read it required so much effort that he would break down in tears after reading a few words. Most days he would often admit defeat before even attempting an assignment because it was all so overwhelming. He desperately wanted to learn and participate in school but his brain wasn’t cooperating.

Thankfully, his wonderful teachers realized he was struggling and we were able to get him an IEP (Individualized Education Program). Through his IEP he has participated in reading intervention groups, met with reading resource teachers and had a specialized plan that kept all of his teachers up-to-date on his needs and requirements. He was first identified in 2nd grade and for the past few years worked with a host of wonderful teachers that helped him learn to read and write. He is now in 5th grade and made so much progress he’s almost at “grade level” for reading. I owe so much of his success to his wonderfully patient teachers that provided him with the tools he needs to read and write.


Learning Disability

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Obviously reading and writing have been the primary goal of his IEP but I’ve been surprised at how much it has boosted his confidence and his overall mental health. He now volunteers to read in class, he loves to participate in school and his love of learning has just exploded. He doesn’t shy away from reading large passages now, even though it’s still a struggle and take a lot of extra effort on his part his wonderful teachers have equipped him with the tools he needs and he knows how to approach a hard task. I guess I never realized how much his learning disability was impacting his every day life and mental health.

I will be forever grateful for the teachers that have worked (and will continue to work) with him. They are giving him so much more than just the ability to read, they are giving him tools to guide him through life.

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