healthy frozen food
Photo courtesy of Trifecta

Healthy Frozen Food Options Your Family Will Actually Eat

Photo courtesy of Trifecta

Everyone loves the convenience of a frozen meal, but the high levels of sodium, chemical additives and preservatives, and soggy taste of many ingredients (especially vegetables) make the idea of frozen dinners far from appealing. Many companies are starting to seriously innovate healthy frozen food options. Just recently a new startup, Tovala, launched a  Smart Oven, which they say was designed for “busy people who don’t have time to cook chef-quality meals on their own. ” Basically Tovala is a WiFi-connected countertop smart oven that steams, bakes and broils chef-prepared meals based on a custom QR code. Families sign up for weekly delivery meal service, and upon arrival each entree only requires one minute of prep time before it’s scanned and cooked for 20 minutes or less. The oven also has the ability to scan-to-cook 850+ brand-name grocery items from brands. Feels like The Jetsons, no? The meals don’t come frozen, but can easily be frozen to have food handy.

If going high-tech isn’t up your alley, you can stick with the basics and still find great-tasting, healthy and convenient items shopping the frozen aisle. Checkout the below for some healthy frozen food standouts.


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