My Kindergarten Boy Is Not Even Close To Being Dry At Night

Many things for my Kindi guy have just clicked. He was the baby who was feeding himself properly-properly, with a spoon at 10-months, he could blow his nose not too long after that, and he toilet trained with ease before his second birthday. BUT, we’re nearly through the first year of school, and we’re not even close to having him dry overnight. When he wakes, his nappy is often fuller than his 9-month old sister’s.

It’s hard because although there are parts of me that want to push-push-push him to learn to wake up, or set the alarm and get him out of bed at 3am, the reality is there’s probably a few reasons for why it’s just not working for him.

It’s been interesting researching the causes and treatments for his bedwetting. There’s the hormonal link, the hereditary link often comes up as well, and the connection of constipation and bedwetting is something that took me by surprise, as he’s defiantly prone to that. You see, when the bowel is full it puts pressure on the bladder?!

There just isn’t a sticker chart or any amount of bribing that is going to get us to where we want to be quicker. For me, I’m choosing my battles… and eating his veg at dinner seems like a more important win for now! I keep a stash of Huggies DryNites in the cupboard, and he doesn’t mind them. He likes that they ‘pull-up’ so automatically they look different to his little baby sister’s nappies, and in the morning he can easily take them off and get dressed on his own.

I’m worrying about the big things in life, and honestly, a gorgeous Kindi boy that is thriving in a million different areas in his life, but still wears a nappy to bed, sure isn’t one of them.

Big whoop!

Huggies DryNites Pyjama Pants are available now in Woolworths, Big W, Coles and Amazon.

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